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Delinquent Licensee Reporting
WSDI is the only source of news and information regarding the Illinois 30-day Credit Law. Membership in WSDI allows you to report a liquor licensee as delinquent under this law and prevent them from buying elsewhere until you have been paid in full.
Our statewide delinquency list is published weekly, distributed to members, and is recognized by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission as the only source of delinquency verification in the state. When a retailer can’t buy product, you will be paid faster.

Licensee Credit Reports
WSDI membership allows you instant credit reporting on any liquor licensee in the state of Illinois. A retailer’s delinquent history (how many times they have been reported as delinquent and by whom), their NSF history, and all other industry related credit detail is available to you with a simple phone call to the WSDI office.
Information can be sent to you via fax or given verbally. This information is released only to the licensee or to the credit department of a distributor. WSDI membership helps you make critical, informed business decisions and protect business revenue.

License Applications
True account ownership is always a concern because it may allow a business to receive product while bills go unpaid under another license. Cross-referencing liquor licenses and accounts can save valuable dollars and eliminate collection costs. New licenses are reviewed on a daily basis. We examine ownership in each of the businesses, then cross reference the ownership names with all other licenses with common ownership so that if one has an unpaid bill, all are reported delinquent until the bill is paid.
Store chains, hotels and restaurants have all experienced the consequences of not paying their bills on time and the effect it has on their fellow businesses. WSDI helps you stay ahead of the cross-referenced account issue and takes the guess work out of shipping.

Liquor Commission Representation
WSDI works closely with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and our member wholesalers to acquire and maintain the detailed information necessary for our members to remain in compliance with the 30-Day Credit Law. 

Government Affairs
WSDI works tirelessly on behalf of the industry’s wholesalers to cultivate political relationships that mean more positive votes for our issues. WSDI keeps members informed via our website and email updates on which legislation matters, what legislators are doing and how each may impact the industry and their business. WSDI is aggressively challenging those who seek to undermine the industry and assertively supporting those who uphold our business interests. WSDI is an influential presence in the Illinois Legislature giving a voice to the wholesalers and distributors who comprise our membership.

Industry News
WSDI keeps you up to date on the industry by posting relevant articles on our website. We also post articles about WSDI’s community involvement online.

Master Licensee File
The Illinois Master Licensee File is emailed quarterly to all WSDI members. The excel file contains thousands of Illinois Licensee retailer names, d/b/a’s, addresses and WSDI tracking numbers.

Daily New and Renewed Reports
WSDI administrators process new and renewed liquor license information each day and enter it into the WSDI database. Daily licensee reports are then sent to each member via email which brings you up-to-date as to the license status of Illinois businesses by county, city, address and license number.

Real-Time Delinquent Account Updates
Daily delinquent removals are provided to WSDI member to let you know which accounts have paid in full and are currently clear to sell and ship to. Members also make phone inquiries to determine the delinquency status of an account at any given time. Weekly, WSDI members can add licensees to the delinquent list. Members can remove an account from the delinquent list every day.

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